Invisalign Treatment in Adyar

Are you longing for a straighter smile without the hassle of conventional braces? Look no further! At Dent Eazee Dental Clinic, we specialize in Invisalign treatment in Adyar. It offers a comfortable solution for misaligned teeth without compromising aesthetics.

Our founder Dr. Phani Babu, a distinguished dentist in Adyar, understands your concerns. With personalized care and expertise, Dr. Babu addresses your dental needs, ensuring a seamless Invisalign journey.

Keen to know more about Invisalign? Let’s uncover this seamless and discreet solution


Overview of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a modern method of teeth straightening. It is a clear, custom-made aligner that is almost invisible. These aligners are ideal for those who want to avoid noticeable orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign stands out from other aligners due to the ease of their removal. It enables users to maintain oral hygiene without any limitations associated with regular braces. This treatment is customized to meet individual needs, providing comfort and good results.

Dr. Phani Babu, a reputed orthodontist, is renowned for his dedication to perfectionism. Selecting Dr. Babu for Invisalign treatment in Adyar ensures high-quality orthodontic care, prioritizing excellence and remarkable results.



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Curious to witness real transformations? Check out impressive before-and-after images, showcasing the power of Invisalign. 


invisalign before


Invisalign after

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Dive into the nitty-gritty of the Invisalign treatment process.

How does it work? / Procedure:

The journey to a straighter smile with Invisalign involves a straightforward and tailored procedure. Here’s a glimpse into the steps:



  • An appointment with the dentist to discuss your smile goals.
  • Comprehensive examination to determine Invisalign suitability.


    Digital Impressions:

    • The dentist takes digital scans or physical impressions of your teeth.
    • Advanced technology creates a 3D model for precise treatment planning.


      Custom Treatment Plan:

      • The dentist develops a customized Invisalign treatment plan.
      • Clear aligners are designed to shift your teeth into the desired position gradually.

      Aligner Fittings:

      • You may receive a series of custom aligners. You need to wear each one for about two weeks.
      • Regular check-ins with your dentist help monitor progress and receive new aligners.

      Removable Convenience:

      • Enjoy the flexibility of removing aligners for eating and oral care.
      • Minimize disruptions to your daily routine compared to traditional braces.

      Progress Tracking:

      • Regular follow-ups allow the dentist to assess your smile’s transformation.
      • Digital scans ensure accuracy and effectiveness throughout the process.

      Completion and Retention:

      • Upon completion, the dentist may recommend retainers to maintain your straightened smile.
      • Celebrate the successful journey to a confident and beautifully aligned smile!

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      Uncover the costs associated with various Invisalign types. 

      Invisalign Cost in Adyar

      Choosing the right type of dental implant is key to a successful smile restoration. Here are the various types of dental implants available:

      Cost of Invisalign Treatment in Adyar

      Invisalign Treatment Cost

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      Let’s explore the elements that may impact your Invisalign expenses. 

      Factors Affecting the Cost of Invisalign Treatment:

      Choosing the right type of dental implant is key to a successful smile restoration. Here are the various types of dental implants available:


      Complexity of Treatment:

      Complex cases requiring additional aligners, attachments, or IPR (interproximal reduction) will be more expensive.


      Duration of Treatment

      Longer treatment duration with more aligner sets increases the cost.


      Orthodontist Experience and Reputation

      Experienced and renowned orthodontists may charge higher fees.


      Clinic Location and Overhead Costs

      Clinics in prime locations with higher overheads may have slightly higher treatment costs.

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      Ready to embark on your smile journey? Let’s talk about the treatment duration!

      Duration of Invisalign Treatment

      Invisalign Lite

      Invisalign Lite:

      • Shorter treatment span: around 7 months.
      • Perfect for a quicker smile makeover.

      Invisalign Express:

      • Rapid treatment in about 3-6 months.
      • Popular for targeted, focused improvements.

      Invisalign Full:

      • Average duration: 12-18 months.
      • Expect visible changes in a few weeks.
      • Smoothly tackle complex cases with a success rate of 91%.

      Remember, these timelines can vary based on individual cases. Your journey to a perfect smile awaits – let’s get started!

      Discover the variety of dental issues Invisalign can address.

      Cases Treatable with Invisalign

      Overcrowded Teeth

      Overcrowded Teeth:

      Invisalign effectively addresses overcrowded teeth. It gradually creates space.

      Gaps Between Teeth

      Gaps Between Teeth

      Gaps can be closed with precision using Invisalign aligners.

      Bite Issues (Underbite, Overbite, Crossbite)

      Bite Issues (Underbite, Overbite, Crossbite):

      Invisalign corrects various bite issues. It enhances overall dental health.

      Mild to Moderate Orthodontic Concerns

      Mild to Moderate Orthodontic Concerns:

      Suitable for a wide range of orthodontic cases, from mild to moderate complexities.

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      Let’s dive into some real-life Invisalign case studies. These showcase the incredible transformations our patients have experienced.

      Case Studies


      Kritika’s Confident Smile Makeover:

      Kritika, 28, dreamed of a straighter smile without the fuss of traditional braces. With Invisalign at Dent Eazee, her journey was a breeze! She witnessed a jaw-dropping 85% improvement in alignment within just 9 months.


      Jason’s Discreet Dental Journey:

      Jason, 35, a professional who wanted a subtle solution for misaligned teeth. Our expert orthodontist recommended Invisalign Lite. He achieved a remarkable 70% enhancement in his smile in just 6 months.


      Shinisha’s Quick and Painless Fix:

      Shinisha, 22, sought a swift fix for her minor alignment issues. Invisalign Express at Dent Eazee worked wonders for her. It provided a stunning 95% improvement in just 4 months.

      Real people, real results – that’s the Invisalign experience at Dent Eazee. 

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      Still have queries about Invisalign? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. 

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Is Invisalign painful?

      While your teeth are adjusting, Invisalign may cause a slight discomfort or pressure. However, it is much less painful than regular braces.

      Is Invisalign better than braces?

      For many cases, Invisalign is an inconspicuous and comfortable substitute for braces. Removable aligners provide convenience. They are often preferred for cosmetic reasons.

      Can you eat with Invisalign?

      Yes, you can eat with Invisalign. But it is best to take the aligners out before eating. So as not to damage them and keep oral hygiene.

      How often should I wear my Invisalign aligners?

      Aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours a day for optimal results. Consistency is key to a successful Invisalign treatment. 

      Do I have limitations on what drink to take with Invisalign?

      With Invisalign, it is safe to drink water. However, it is recommended to take them out for other drinks. This is to prevent staining and maintain hygiene.

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